Outbyte PC Repair is a modern software that is popular among users of computers and laptops with Windows OS. The application is quite organic and quite multifunctional, it is able to scan and clean your computer from all kinds of malicious files and documents quickly and efficiently. The program can get into the very depths of your device, without significant changes to the files and without disrupting the system. Download the official version of Outbyte PC Repair for free using the links from our website.


This program works on computers and laptops running the Windows operating system.

Features of the Outbyte PC Repair application

  • The program is able to scan the device system and provide the user with detailed information about his computer or laptop. The utility will also review the performance of the device, showing information about the processor speed, the amount of available RAM, the speed of writing and reading the hard disk.
  • The program is able to solve any problems of your device. It will cope with system failures, unwanted start of background processes, etc. The application gets rid of system garbage on its own, but you continue to control everything that happens on the device.
  • Disk cleanup of residual files and application cache. The utility finds even hidden or lost files and deletes them if you don't need them. These files are boot documents, browser cache, temporary folders, etc.
  • Protection of users' personal information. Outbyte PC Repair does not allow websites to collect data about you and take your personal data in order to use it for personal purposes or sell it to third parties. The utility also deletes all cookies and warns about malicious sites that may threaten the security of personal data.
  • Useful real-time performance enhancement feature. The application switches processes and prioritizes between running and background programs.
  • Complete and irrevocable deletion of files using a special function. Users can delete files once and for all so that no program can restore them.


Outbyte PC Repair is the choice of those who care about the well-being of their computer or laptop. The application scans the system, identifies existing or possible problems and fixes them.